5 in 1 Survival Paracord Bracelet

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Perfect gear if you are in the nature or in camping! With this special and very usefull paracord bracelet, your chance to survive will increase considerably by providing resources next to you. No more stress to get lost!

  1. Flintstone: To make a fire in order to boiling water, cooking or simply get warm
  2. Compass: Provide accurate directions
  3. Knife: Little knife to cut little things
  4. Whistle: To give distress signals 
  5. Unraveled paracord string: To secure your camping equipment or gear in the trees or simply use it as a normall rope.


    Length: 23 cm

    Width: 2.5 cm

    Rope Length: 3.2 m

    Rope Diameter:4 mm