Water Straw Filter

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This special straw filter the dirty water and transform it into a clear and drinkable water. Carry it with you wherever you go and if you run out of water for any reasons, this straw will give you an helping hand and get you out of troubles. This straw is effective against 99.9% of all kind of bacteria, microorganism, protozoa, also removes residual chlorine, unpleasant taste, odor and 99.9% heavy metals (Lead, Mercury, and Cadmium). Approximately 1000L of filtration capacity with a 200ml/min water flow. 


  1. Bottle Filtration: using with threaded 28mm standard PET/ soda bottle like Coca-Cola bottle
  2. Directly Filtration: drink direct from renewable natural fresh water sources by simply sucking through the straw.
  3. Gravity Filtration: connecting with a water bag. Take use of gravity to purify the dirty water. Many people can drink great-tasting filtered water at the same time.


Material: ABS , PP, Carbon Fiber, UF(medical grade) 

Size: 18 cm x 3.5 cm